Sometimes the issues we face paralyse us with anxieties. Sometimes we have no one in our lives who are able to help or we may not want to burden others. Sometimes we feel so alone, empty and depressed and everything feels like a huge effort.It’s difficult to trust people with our innermost worries,feelings and thoughts. Yet we all need help to get through difficult periods in our lives.

It may be that friends and family tell us to stop dwelling on the past or try to move on. But no matter how hard we try, the past hangs around to haunt us or we have no words to describe what we feel.

I offer face to face and online sessions.I am a trauma-informed, relational psychotherapist. My practice has been informed by a career of supporting people spanning 26 years. Very often it is relationships with significant others that have caused us distress, whether that was with co-workers, partners, friendships or family members. Oftentimes, it is the therapeutic relationship created within therapy that is helpful in resolving these conflicts.

I provide opportunities within therapy to create safe spaces with clients. In these safe spaces we can explore how to develop ways of gaining control of upsetting or disturbing thoughts and feelings: how the past affects our present and how to interrupt repeating patterns and cycles of experiences that cause us suffering.

Additionally, I provide opportunities for students and those exploring personal development. I offer face to face and online sessions. In order to provide this form of therapy I have received rigorous and lengthy evidence-based training. Please see below: